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Goldome Healthcare's Weight Loss Program 

GHI proudly offers 2 new programs to assist its patients with weight and fat loss.   Goldome’s Comprehensive Weight Loss Program AND SculpSure  - a FDA approved fat destruction laser. 

Goldome Healthcare’s Weight Loss Program is a COMPLETE weight loss regimen.  It combines the knowledge of a certified nutritionist, a physical therapy personal exercise trainer, and a medical doctor under one roof.   This program provides the safest and best chance of a successful weight loss.  You will work with all 3 specialists – all of whom will focus on your specific weight loss needs.  A tailored program will be developed to help you succeed in your weight loss goal: 

  • The program begins with a health exam including labs and EKG with our physician. 
  • Next you will meet with a weight loss nutritionist to develop a personal dietary plan that will incorporate your body type and weight goals.
  • Exercise training with a sports trainer occurs on a weekly basis. 
  • You can then apply the nutritional and exercise regime into your daily lifestyle routines. 
  • If the need is there, Goldome’s Weight Loss Program will enhance your weight loss with supplements and medication. 

Come in for a free consultation to learn about Goldome Healthcare’s comprehensive weight loss program.

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