Rebecca Zapotosky

Registered Dietitian located in West Covina, CA & Diamond Bar, CA

About Zapotosky

Rebecca Zapotosky is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer.  She holds a Master of Science in Nutritional Science from the California State University of Los Angeles, and has completed the certificate of training in adult weight management through the Commission of Dietetic Registration.  Prior to joining Goldome Healthcare, Rebecca has worked in both the hospital setting and outpatient setting as a clinical dietitian. 

Throughout her twenties, Rebecca struggled with severe adult cystic acne and with being overweight.  Working a full time job and going to school in the evening made it a major struggle to eat healthy or exercise.  Dermatological treatments would offer sometimes temporary improvement, but then she would experience relapse in her skin condition.  The combination of being overweight and having poor skin took a toll on her emotional health, so she searched for answers to her problems and that’s when she embarked upon her academic journey to study nutrition.  It took time and determination, but gradually the weight came off-about 20 pounds of it, and the acne disappeared along with the emotional distress.

Rebecca approaches health and healthy eating holistically by addressing each individual’s relationship with food and the factors that influence this relationship in their lives, such as social support, physical activity, stress and spirituality.  She supports the notion that healthy eating involves balancing meals, choosing healthy foods to crowd out less healthy ones, and increasing mindfulness during meals to promote a greater sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.  No crash dieting, no deprivation, and certainly no guilt!  Rebecca’s goal is to help every man and woman love their bodies and learn to appreciate healthy, nutritious foods and an active lifestyle. 

Finding time for fun and relaxation is very important!  Rebecca spends her free time exploring the outdoors, going running, cooking and watching the Food Network, “nerding-out” on nutrition research, and taking weekend road trips with her husband and four-legged kids. 

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